Seminar on awarenes of best management practice in Cotton held on 21.03.2016





Seminar held on 21.03.2016 at Punjab Palace , Abohar. It started with welcome speech by Mr. Mahesh Sharda, President,ICAL. He highlighted the following issues :

  1. Whitefly attack on cotton crop has caused a loss of approx.Rs.5,000 crores to the farmers in Northern India.
  2. Govt. of Punjab has declared a compensation of Rs.8,000/- per hectare to the affected farmers whereas cost of production/hectare is approx.Rs.18,000- Rs.20,000/- ,hence the compensation amount is insufficient.
  1. Despite of being the largest producer of cotton , our yield/hectare is very low and India is currently ranked 33rd in the world in terms of yield.
  2. In USA,cotton is sold at approx 30% higher than its cost of production due to best cotton practices , hence there is an acute need of adopting best practices for producing cotton and this is what this seminar is all about.

Mr. Ajay Vir Jhakhar , President , Bharat Krishak Samaj – He made the following points:

  1. Advanced technology and equipment to be brought into cotton cultivation – Easy access to farmers.
  2. Cotton awareness mobile Van launched for data collection from farmers which will visit villages across Punjab , Haryana & Rajasthan.
  3. India need to sign some pact similar to WTO so that Indian cotton can also compete in international market.

Mr. Kulvir Singh / Mr. Vijay Kumar – Research officers, PAU , Ldh .– They made a presentation on ideal cotton farming practices for optimal yield which included pre sowing ,post sowing techniques and methods for protecting the crops from various insects and pests.

Mr.Ashok Thakur , Director , NAFED , New Delhi – He urged the cotton farmers and various stakeholders in cotton value chain supply to work together leaving beside personal differences.

He also made an important announcement that Govt. of India is going to announce Textile Policy in April 2016.

Dr. Gurdial Singh ,Director Agriculture , Govt. of Punjab – He assured all sections of cotton industry , specially farmers that govt. of Punjab is with them and will support the farmers in every way possible. Small effort to compensate the whitefly affected farmers has been made by way of transferring the compensation amount directly into their bank accounts so that it cannot be misused.

He also launched an E-kapaas helpline no. 01639-251244 for farmers where they can have every information of best cotton practices and other issues as well.

Dr. B.S.Dhillon , Chancellor , PAU , Ldh-He , as a key note speaker, said that PAU in association with Govt. of Punjab and ICAL is committed to help and support farmers by way of soil testing , crop testing and educating the farmers towards using advanced techniques/methods for better yield and improved quality of cotton.

Seminar concluded with vote of thanks.


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