• Monday, January 05, 2015
  • Teleconference

On first Monday of every month


Please dial India toll free primary number 1800 3070 1079 (Toll Free) or +91-11-39407000 (Toll). Participant PIN code:  82198260#

Guidelines for Teleconference :

1.Please introduce yourself in short when you log in with your name and company you represent.

2.NITMA office will invite & request members in the order they have joined conference to speak.

3.Mr.Manish Bagrodia is the Chairman for Market Analysis and will moderate.

4.Each member can take 2-3 minutes and share the following:

– Present business situation.

– Your views on the prevailing domestic & global market.

– Lastly it will be open to questions & answers .

We welcome your suggestions to make it more meaningful and interesting.

Enhance your conferencing effectiveness by following the best practices.

Mute/Un-mute own line: Press *1

Seek Operator Help: Press *0

A fixed line phone with good audio capabilities is always preferred over a mobile phone while logging into conference calls.When using speaker phones, keep it at the center of the room & away from walls.Don’t put a phone on HOLD after logging into the conference call and avoid using speaker on mobile phone.Mute your phone when you are not speaking on the conference call, Un- Mute, when you want to communicate / share something.

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