Texcon 2016 at ITC Sheraton, New Delhi held on 13.10.16-14.10.2016

Session: Global Competitiveness & Trade Growth Paradigms for Indian Textile & Apparel Sector.

Above session had many eminent speakers on the dias, including Mr.SK Khandelia, President of Sutlej Textiles and an esteemed member of NITMA and Mr. Manish Bagrodia, MD Winsome Textiles and Vice President of NITMA. He moderated the session.

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  1. Mr. S.K. Khandelia – President Sutlej Textiles : He shared his wisdom and experience with the participants and made some key points which were :
  • Continuous innovation is the key to the success in modern world.
  • Product differentiation is very vital for long term survival.
  • And fixing benchmarks and standards with continuous Upgradation.
  1. Mr. Manish Bagrodia – MD Winsome Textiles : He moderated the session and summed up the session with following key points:
  • He laid huge emphasis on development of human resources, empowering the workforce with skill development.
  • He urged the manufacturers to invest towards improving productivity, quality and innovation.
  • He expressed his concern with high lead times specially in fashion industry and suggested to use digital solutions to minimise lead time.
  • Lastly, he recommended to adopt comprehensive top-bottom and bottom-top approach thereby aligning the organisational goals with the individual goals.

With above words he expressed gratitude to his co-panelists and concluded the session.


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